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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Integrated Marketing Services – Fire Alarm System Dealer Kozhikode, Kerala

Fire Alarm Security System is a necessary requirement in Kozhikode City for Fire Hazard Prevention and Control. All the City Co Operations have some guidelines for applying Fire Control System and Fire Alarm Control Panels according to the Size and Floor arrangement of a Building. A Minimum 2 stored and more Floor Building should have a registered Fire Control Panel to assist Fire Prevention inside a Complex, Shopping Mall or a Textile Show Room to Claim your Insurance benefits from the Loss.

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All the Fire Security Systems and Fire Control Panels varies as Fire Detectors, Fire Sensors, Fire Control Panels, Fire Extinguisher Systems, Fire Detector Sensors, Fire Smoke Detectors, Fire Security Control Boards, Fire Alarm Room Call Systems, Fire Hazard or Fire Sensitivity Reader, Fire Security Panel, Extended Fire Control Panels, Fire Protection System and more. Fire Alarm System Dealers in Kozhikode City are used for detecting and preventing Fire Accidents inside Kozhikode at Offices, Textiles, Shops, Hotels, Shopping Malls and more.

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As an Expert Fire Alarm System Dealer in Kozhikode City, Integrated Marketing Services is delivering Fire Sensors, Fire Security Alarms, Fire Control Panels, Fire Detector Sensor, Fire Extinguisher System, Fire Smoke Detector, Fire Alarm Room Call Systems etc. to Home Applications & Kitchens of Star Hotels, Multi Stored Restaurants. We have implemented different types of Fire Security Alarm Systems in Kozhikode City at Town Halls, Government Offices and Private Firms etc. to help People save your Life & Assets from Fire Accidents.

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Thus we have earned a Good name as efficient Fire Alarm System Dealer in Calicut (Kozhikode) with Door Fire Alarm Security Unit for each Building. Having an efficient Fire Security Dealership System in Kozhikode, We are using Automatic Sensor System for identifying variation in Temperature with respect to atmospheric Temperature Variations. There should be at least one Fire Security System or Fire Alarm inside each Shop in Kozhikode as a Security Measure.

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