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Monday, 20 August 2012

Is CCTV Camera System or Security Panic Alarms may the Solution or attitude change towards Women ?

The startling murder of Pallavi Purkayastha, a 25-year-old legal professional, at her central Mumbai apartment on August 9 by the security guard of her building is another reminder of the abysmal levels of violence experienced by Indian women 66 years after Independence. Pallavi appears to have been murdered while resisting the guard’s efforts to rape her.

In response to Pallavi’s murder, the National Commission for Women appealed to Maharashtra Home Minister R.R. Patil to initiate steps to ensure the safety of women. The measures proposed included background checks of security guards, installation of CCTV Cameras,Security and Protection Alarms, CCTV TheftSecurity Cameras, Panic Alarms, Theft Control and Security Alarms withdifferent horns Intercoms, and Security Audits by cooperative housing societies in consultation with the local police. While these measures, if implemented, may provide a sense of better Security, increase in SecuritySurveillance Techniques and strengthening of the security apparatus do little to address the disregard for women’s humanity in our society.
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Friday, 17 August 2012

RIFD Technology Punching System to be implemented for buses operated through Central Bus Terminal Complex,Kannur soon:

M/s Integrated  Marketing Services is  the selected partner for implementation of  RFID Technology based Punching System  that will be implemented soon at Central Bus Terminal Complex,Kannur  to ensure that buses stick to their schedules .

The bus terminal is developed by KK Builders a leading developer for  Kannur Municipality on BOT basis. Kannur based Indus Technosoft Software Solutions is developing the software for this  application .

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Burglar Alarm System thwarted robbery attempt at Muthoot Finance : Karnataka, India

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Burglar alarm system thwarted robbery attempt at Muthoot Finance :    at  Karnataka,  India.

Two burglars made a futile attempt to rob Muthoot Finance branch located on the outskirts of  Bangalore city. The branch was open when the incident took place. The burglars armed with gun insisted for safe key and the manager pressed the Security Alarm Panic Button. Frightened thieves, without knowing about the presence of Burglar Alarm there, opened fire at the branch manager and fled from the scene.

In Banks Panic Burglar Alarm or Intrusion Alarm buttons are fixed at strategic locations like managers room, cash etc. When panic Burglar Alarm button is pressed it will hoot a high decibel alarm sound that will alert public as well as frighten the intruders.

A properly implemented and maintained Burglar Alarms, Intrusion Alarms and Theft Prevention System, TheftControl Security System etc. thus add value for protecting assets & property.

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

CCTV Cameras and CCTV Bullet Camera attached Boom Barriers, RFID Card Scanners Cochin, Kerala | PRLog

CCTV Cameras and CCTV Bullet Camera attached Boom Barriers, RFID Card Scanners Cochin, Kerala | PRLog: -

CCTV Cameras are Excellent Theft Identification and Theft Control System with Security and total Surveillance over Shops, Homes, Shopping Malls, Government Offices and other Safety related Areas. CCTV Security Cameras provide you efficient Support with Theft Prevention, Avoiding Burglaries, Home Automation, Office Automation and monitoring and Detecting Operations inside a Building with all Shopping Systems.

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There are Variety CCTV Security Cameras existing according to the Purpose of Operation. Bullet IP Cameras, IP Cameras for Explosive Detection, CCTV Security Dome Cameras, Wireless CCTV Scanners, Automatic CCTV Access Control Security Cameras, CCTV Cameras especially developed for Cochin City, CCTV Cameras for Road Security Management, CCTV Cameras for Building Automation, Access Control CCTV System, CCTV Door Accessible Cameras Ernakulam,Biometric Video CCTV Scanner Cochin and other Office Access Control CCTV Cameras.

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Automatic Security Gates or Boom Barriers can be efficiently attached with CCTV Security Cameras can easily detect the entry of Vehicles and Persons into a Compound or Shopping Mall with efficient CCTV Camera attached Boom Barrier System. Access Control Security Gates are excellent Security System to avoid Theft and Burglaries to your Home or Office. When a Boom Barrier Gate or Automatic Security Gate attached with a CCTV Dome Camera or a Bullet Camera can take the output as efficient visual effect of entering a person into a Compound or inside a Building for Theft or a Burglar Operation.

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CCTV Security Cameras and Boom Barrier Security Gates or Automatic Security Gates are effective Security and Protection System to save your Asset, Money, Home and Business Operations from Theft, unwanted Person entering to Compound and Burglaries.

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Building Automation Access Control Security Systems for Home as well as for Industries

Building Access Control Security Systems  are protection ensuring Equipments and Devices  for a Building  which automates the entire electronic Security Systems inside a Building for getting Automatic Access to Biometric Door Locks, Fire Alarms, Fire Control Panels, Fingerprint Attendance Marking Systems, Automatic Theft Security Alarms, Theft Prevention System, Theft Security Door Locks, CCTV Cameras , DVR attached CCTV Dome Cameras  inside a Building  to regulate and Control the entire functions  of  a Building  with  modern Security System Applications such as RFID Card Reader System, Fire Control Panels, Burglar Alarms, CCTV Security Cameras, Digital Video Recorders with CCTV System, Wireless Dome Cameras and Security CCTV IP Cameras.

The most  Efficient Access Control Systems are Proximity Card Readers, Biometric Scanners, Electronic Locks and Gates, Burglar Security Alarm Systems, Boom Barriers and  Fingerprint Attend acne RFID Card Reader.  The top Access Control Security System Devices can be divided  for Home Applications as well as for Industrial Applications. Home Biometric Security Applications include automating your House with Fingerprint Door Locks, Digital Video Recorders, Biometric Security Gate, Metal Detector to find out your lost things, Boom Barrier Security Gates for Flats, Theft Alarms, Intruded Alarms , Fire Smoke Detectors, Room Public Addressing Systems and more.
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Industrial  Applications  mostly involved in Building Management System of a Building which may be a Business Hotel, Hospital, Schools, Colleges, Government and Public Offices, Community Halls, Builders and Developers Building Construction and more.  Time Attendance Access Control Systems can be used in most of the Offices and Colleges for registering Attendance for each Student or Employee.  CCTV Wireless  Security Cameras are the essential  requirement for an Office , Hotel, Company  or Class Room  what ever it may, where there is  a large involvement of Persons to deal with multiple things.
Audio Video Security Systems  or Public Addressing  Systems, Audio Public Addressing Devices Video Conference Systems, Wireless  Audio Video Communication System with Digital Video Recorders and CCTV  IP  Camera  attached  DVR  Systems  with Security Dome Cameras etc are used for wide range of Industrial Applications including Communications and Video Conferencing.  Door Security Access Control Locks are commonly used  Building Automation Access Control Security Device which can be applied for both Industrial and Home Security Applications. RFID card Reader or Proximity Card Reader Biometric Attendance Punching Machines are used in most of the Offices for recording data and information about an Employee.  For an Industrial Application. All of these Access Control Systems can be controlled  and regulated from a Single Room or Central System named  Automated Access Control System.
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