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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Integrated Marketing Services - Home Automation System Dealers in Kerala | PRLog

Integrated Marketing Services - Home Automation System Dealers in Kerala |  PRLog
Home Automation Systems are used for Home Security, Prevention of Theft and Robbery inside a Home using Intrusion Alarms, Burglar Alarms, Video Door Phones and CCTV DVR Cameras. Home Automation Dealers are offering Perfect Security to Your Home with Room Speaker System, Smart Card Door Opening Access Control System, Biometric Door Locks and More. As an Efficient Home Automation Dealers in Kerala, Integrated Marketing Services have Super Quality Intrusion Alarm and Burglar Alarm Systems. Home Automation Systems include Home Video Display Systems, Home Theatre Systems, Conference Room Video Monitoring Systems and Video Conference Systems.

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A Home Alarm System in Kerala has different Versions Such as Intrusion Alarm System, Fire Alarm System, Burglar Alarm System, Video Door Phones and Door Alarm System. Thus your Home is also a possible target for attacks from burglars and trespassing by strangers. Considering the fact that your Home is not only your place of privacy but also a store for your valuable belongings, it is very important to protect it from trespassers. According to Integrated Marketing Services in Kerala, your Best Home Security System Option is Wireless Home Alarm System. In fact, Experts advice that Wireless Home Alarm Systems is the Most advisable to use for your Home these days. As an Expert Home Alarm System Supplier in Kerala, Integrated Marketing Services have different Home Security Alarm Systems such as Burglar Alarms, Intrusion Alarms, Fire Alarms, Fire Control Panels, Video Door Phones, Access Card Reader Supplier, Home Alarm Bell System, Nurse Call Alarm System, Panic Security Alarm System and Intrusion Door Alarm System.

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A well designed Residential Intrusion Alarm System will help reduce the risk of loss. Installing a window and Burglar Alarm Door Sensors is the first line of Defense. Passive Infrared Intrusion Alarm Detectors installed indoors as the second line of defense connected to an Intrusion Alarm Control Panel have the capability to communicate to a Home Alarm System or to deliver Pre Recorded Home Intrusion Alarm or Burglar Alarm Messages when the System is activated. As an Expert Intruder Alarm Supplier in Kerala, Integrated Marketing Services have a Variety of Intrusion Alarm Systems such as Home CCTV Intrusion Alarm System, CCTV DVR Intrusion Alarm System, Burglar Security Intrusion Alarm System, Residential CCTV Intrusion Alarm System and more.

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As an Efficient Home Automation Dealers in Kerala, We have expert Hardwired Burglar Alarm Systems which are having the sensing devices wired directly to the control panel that is the Heart of the System. Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems send Radio Signals to a Receiver in the Control, which Processes the Signals. There is nothing more dependable than a pair of copper wires to send a signal from one point to other. We recommends a Hardwired Burglar Alarm System over a Wireless Burglar Alarm System in all instances where cabling can be done where system is planned before completion of finishing Work of the House. However there are times where it is an occupied house where only wireless system is preferred.

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