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Monday, 6 May 2013

Integrated Marketing Services–Smart Card Access Control Reader /Smart Card Printer Supplier Kerala | PRLog

Integrated Marketing Services–Smart Card Access Control Reader /Smart Card Printer Supplier Kerala | PRLog
A Smart Card, Chip Card, or Integrated Circuit Card (ICC) is any pocket-sized card with embedded Integrated Circuits. Smart cards are made of plastic, generally polyvinyl chloride, but sometimes polyethylene terephthalate based polyesters, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or polycarbonate. Smart Cards can provide Identification, Authentication, Data Storage and Application Processing. As an Expert Smart Card Reader and Smart Card Supplier in Kerala, Integrated Marketing Services can provide you efficient and authorized Smart Cards for Security Authentication Process. We are Well Known for the Kerala‘s Smart Card Reader Market Leader for the past 16 Years. Smart Cards may provide strong Security Authentication for single sign-on (SSO) within large Organizations.

Smart-Cards can Authenticate Identity. Smart Cards are not always privacy-enhancing, because the subject may carries incriminating information on the Card. Contact less Smart Cards that can be read from within a wallet or even a garment simplify Authentication. however, Criminals may access Data from these Cards. But a Hybrid Smart Card which clearly shows the Antenna connected to the Main Chip. This can be used for avoiding Security Issues.

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A Memory Card Reader is a device used for communication with a Smart Card or a Memory Card. A Magnetic Card Reader is a device used to read Magnetic Stripe Cards, such as Credit Cards. A Business Card Reader is a Device used to scan and electronically and to save Printed Business Cards. Access Control Card Readers are used in Physical Security Systems to read a credential that allows access through Access Control Points, typically for a Locked Door. An Access Control Reader can be a Magnetic Stripe Reader, a Bar Code Reader, a Proximity Reader, A Smart Card Reader, or A Biometric Reader.

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A Bar code is a series of alternating dark and light stripes that are read by an Optical Scanner. The organization and width of the lines is determined by the bar code protocol selected. There are many different protocols, such as the prevalent Code 39. Sometimes the digits represented by the dark and light bars are also printed to allow people to read the number without an optical Reader. It is a Special type of Smart card Reader.

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All Biometric Smart Card Readers work similarly, by comparing the template stored in memory to the scan obtained during the process of identification. If there is a high enough degree of probability that the template in the memory is compatible with the live scan (the scan belongs to the authorized person), the ID Number of that person is sent to a control panel. The Smart Card Reader Control Panel then checks the Permission level of the user and determines whether access should be allowed. The communication between the reader and the control panel is usually transmitted using the industry standard Wiegand interface. The only exception is the Intelligent Biometric Reader, which does not require any Panels and directly controls all Door Smart Card Reader Hardware.

Biometric Smart Card Reader Templates may be stored in the memory of readers, limiting the number of users by the reader memory size (there are reader models that have been manufactured with a storage capacity of up to 50,000 templates). User templates with Smart Cards may also be stored in the memory of the Smart Card, thereby removing all limits to the number of system users (Finger-only Identification is not possible with this technology), or a central server PC can act as the template host. For Systems where a Central Server is employed, known as "Server-based Verification", Smart Card Readers first read the Biometric Data of the user and then forward it to the main computer for processing. Server-Based systems support a large number of users but are dependent on the reliability of the Central Server, as well as Communication Lines.

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